Last week on Indie Hackers I offered to help people rewrite their landing pages. Online Tarot readings, English lessons for the curious, and many remote job boards. 150 comments later, I’m repeating myself, so let’s put the good stuff down.

Here’s the format you should follow, or have a really good reason to stray from:

  1. Direct answer to your customer’s pain
  2. Short descriptive solution
  3. Social proof of your solution

The Direct Answer To Your Customer’s Pain

If one of these is hardest to answer, it’s the first one. Most people don’t understand their customers well enough or are too afraid to really ask. This is a clear, conversational answer as if your customer is standing right next to you.

If your customer is annoyed they have to go and find a tarot shop, your answer is “Online Tarot Readings Emailed to You Within 48 Hours.” If your customer is tired of English lessons that bore them, your answer is “English learning for the curious”. The more specific it is, the clearer it’ll be to your audience. When in doubt, say it out loud to a customer.

Short Descriptive Solution

The short descriptive solution is the pithy bullet pointed list that expands later into your product or service features. It tells the user that you actually have something under the hood. Be literal, not impressionistic. “cGMP compliant” is much better than “well-tested” or “healthy”. This would be the “log-line” in a movie - the shortest descriptive statement possible.

Social Proof Of Your Solution

If you’re not a household name, you need social proof. I don’t care how early you are or if you’re not proud of your numbers. This could be one testimonial from a client hinted at above the fold, a counter with page views, the number of sales you made in South Africa last week, a tree of people who link to you - whatever is real and builds up your business.

There’s no shortage on the web of people who do all these things poorly, so let’s highlight a few beauties in each category:

Excellent Pain Speaking

Leonardo English


Excellent Short Description



Excellent Social Proof


Trends (happy readers section)

Your Job

Wherever you are in this process, write out your answers to the three points:

  1. Direct answer to your customer’s pain
  2. Short descriptive solution
  3. Social proof of your solution

Don’t try and speak to two different customers at once - you can test a bunch of different ideas separately if you want. Good luck!