Mr. Rogers said that in a crisis, look for the people who are helping.

I keep having wonderful conversations with friends about how they want to be of service right now.

Couple shout outs, not exhaustive of course:

Katie Shelly is drawing portraits of people who are helping, enshrining them as heroes.

Lee Pender talked to me about a new kind of mentorship platform focused on rapid skilling up of students by teams of mentors.

Alex Royle talked about her desire to study nutrition, helping herself and others live more healthily.

Will Rahilly, now immune to COVID after his infection, is delivering groceries in North Brooklyn.

Ben Schechter helped me realize that I was in denial of the way this crisis has upended my life, and helped me move toward acceptance.

Akiva Saunders and Oliver Plunkett are working overtime to add new curriculum and head to head games for the millions of teachers and students stuck at home.

Again - a small non exhaustive list of some friends helping right now. If you’re able to stay at home and you are, you’re being of service. If you’re taking care of yourself, you’re being of service.